Nature’s Dynamics Announces Deal with American Medex

    By Nature's Dynamics

ndamNature’s Dynamics, makers of whole food organic gummy supplements and probiotics, has agreed to deal with Indiana-based American Medex to improve the health of women and children in Vietnam with their whole food gummy supplements and probiotics.

Nature’s Dynamics Founder & CEO Rich McPeak states “It solidifies our position that we are a world-wide company.  Living healthy is a global concern and by working with American Medex we will further our goal of providing healthy supplements to all.”  McPeak went on to add, “My first gummy supplement, Berry Garden Gummies, was created to improve the health of my own son.   Individually we are responsible for personal health management. Collectively we are responsible for our Earth and communities.”

Natures Dynamics manufactures a full line of Gummy Supplements made with organic ingredients along with chewable and vegetarian cap Probiotics. The products are easy to digest and absorb.


Nature’s Dynamics™ is a family owned and operated company that safely and effectively develops 100% natural whole food gummy supplements with organics for consumers. All Nature’s Dynamics products are GMP certified and produced in the United States.

About American Medex

American MedEx was established in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2012, specializing in providing medical devices and pharmaceutical products to the Vietnamese market. American Medex’s focus and expertise are in Asia, particularly the Vietnamese market. In the past ten years, Vietnam’s economy has increased dramatically. Vietnam’s 2012 GDP growth rate was about 5 percent, which was more than double the GDP growth rate in the West.  Over the past decade the Vietnamese economy has averaged 7% growth per year. Along with the growing economy and expanding middle class, there is high demand for better quality healthcare, leading to an increasing demand for high quality medical products.