IT Manager

Mark has extensive experience in innovating and leveraging the latest technology. His international successes include building network cabling systems, software development and marketing for one of the subsidiaries of Lufthansa Group (largest air carrier in Europe) proprietary flight control software reaching sales of $13M to several airlines of Star Alliance Group.

Mark moved to the US in 2002 where he developed a booking engine for the travel industry before moving to the adult industry where his algorithms and innovation in the online publishing arena placed his company in the first 100 top visited sites in the world. Mark built and managed a team that processed over 1,600 transaction a day with over 200 thousand active members.

Mark is active entrepreneur and founder many start up companies, providing Search Engine Optimization services for lead generation purposes within the insurance arena, social media management and online marketing services. He also create live lead trading platform and insurance quoting engine for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

Mark was born, raised and educated in Poland.

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