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Richard McPeak managed a family owned health food store where he spent his time studying the healthy benefits of whole foods, spices and botanicals from around the world. More importantly, he listened to consumers and provided people with quality products.

The interaction and trust that occurs while handing people products and looking them in the eyes is something he has carried with him throughout his journey to create the highest quality gummy supplements.

Starting in 1996, Rich began product branding for companies with the highest quality standards in the vitamin supplements industry. All the while, Rich educated consumers and studied the teachings of world renowned master herbalists.

In 2000, while having lunch with his son, who was in kindergarten, Rich looked around the lunchroom and noticed a very small percentage of children were eating fruits and vegetables. Even more alarming – the majority of products available to children contained Trans fat, chemicals and dyes.

Rich wanted to invent products that taste great and teach children and their parents the importance of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. He also believes vitamins and minerals should come from trees and the soil, unlike synthetic vitamins made in labs and factories. Most importantly, this product was for his own children, so it had to be the best in the world.

“I wanted whole fruits and vegetables to be used, no Trans fat, no partially hydrogenated oils, plus it had to contain whole flax and whole ginger” he said. Rich called on manufacturers from Florida to Germany, and finally found a company that would follow his stringent specifications. After countless years researching databases from the National Library of Medicine and botanical studies around the world, Rich is proud to present his original Nature’s Dynamics™ Gummy formulas, Berry Garden Kids Multi Gummy, Body Boost Men Multi Gummy, BodyBoost Women Multi Gummy, Joint Relief Gummy and Chewable Probiotics which are produced at a GMP certified manufacturer right here in the United States. Doctors and researchers alike have praised our new line of 100% natural Gummy products.

Rich is a proud father of 3 with over 20 years experience in the natural retail industry. He is a botanical researcher, educator of the benefits of organic fruits, vegetables, and spices, as well as pursing his herbal degree.

Our Mission Statement:

To enrich lives through the benefits of Garden Gummies and Probiotic supplements with organic fruits, vegetables and spices.

 “Individually we are responsible for personal health management. Collectively we are responsible for our Earth and communities”

– Richard McPeak

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