Synthetic vs. Food Based Vitamins

    By Nature's Dynamics

The story of synthetic and food based vitamins starts with a quick history lesson. Before WWI the most common source of produce and meats in the United States was independent farming. Hard working men and women made their livelihood off the organic approach before such a trend was even popular. Once the industrialization of America began this was no longer the case! For the first time it was more efficient to grow massive amounts of food in one season. Automated harvesting and dangerous fertilizers made the yields so large that it was no longer feasible to be an independent farmer. It became more important to make massive profits off the most efficient techniques, rather than grow whole foods with love and health in mind. That is why it’s taken until 2016 to see the careful, organic farming techniques of old resurging.

This same dilemma was observed when it came to the actual fortification of foods. For the first time, additives produced in a lab were tailor made to combat deficiencies in certain areas like vitamin C. These synthetic vitamins were mass produced as a cheaper alternative to getting the proper nutrients through food. Rather than eat lemon, oranges and limes it became easier and more cost efficient to eat a single isolate vitamin found in a mass produced market. Unfortunately, there was a parallel after WWI between industrializing the farming and vitamin supplement industries.

In 2016 we now know the error of this approach. There is something to be said for investing in your personal health management. We’ve seen that consumers are sick of foods grown with chemicals and subsequently a poor quality of life. This is one of the biggest reasons that organic, non-GMO, and gluten free foods are trending up so rapidly! Many people question what these terms actually mean. Just a small component of this is growing food with pesticide free, organic soil. But it doesn’t stop there. Eating organic tomatoes and blueberries allows us to utilize nutrients from the science of nature rather than cheap, man made chemicals in a lab. Even though it is more difficult to have large yields, or to protect organic crops from the elements the trade off is important. There is a paradigm shift where the people have come to realize the drawbacks of mass produced, genetically modified foods doused with harmful pesticides. Even at a higher cost it is important to invest in these healthier alternatives in order to, “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” as Hippocrates once said.

The same holds true for the vitamin supplement industry today! Nature’s Dynamics delivers the Garden to Gummy difference. Ten years ago we made a conscious choice to uphold the same values that the pre – WWI farmers held. When our founder made Berry Garden Gummies, our first product, for his son it was purely out of love. He didn’t want to start a massive corporation that utilized single isolate, synthetic vitamins. Ironically enough, the same industrialization that led to the the downfall of independent farming is now the strength of Nature’s Dynamics. In a market saturated with gummy supplements filled with vitamins made in a lab, Nature’s Dynamics products are the only gummies sourcing vitamins and minerals from organic blends of fruits and spices.

All the ingredients found in our products can be found in your organic garden, while synthetic vitamins produced in a lab cannot provide you with the science of nature. This is important because fruits, vegetables and spices grown organically without the use of pesticides or GMO’s contain thousands of phytonutrients, cofactors, and antioxidants that work together as a system to provide countless healthy benefits. This is simply not the case when you isolate a single vitamin. For example, vitamin C is only one component of an orange surrounded by a plethora of other nutrients from the pulp to the peel. Single isolate vitamin C created in a lab contains one nutrient; vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The chemicals utilized to create this one ingredient may also contain GMO’s and other artificial ingredients.


Do the ingredients in your supplements come from your garden? Nature’s Dynamics food based gummies and probiotics honor the earthly approach of farmers who valued quality over profit.


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  1. sean daniels, msc.

    do you claim to have a “vegan” form of vitamin b12 – because b12 can only be found attached to protein in meat. any plant “cobalamins” are actually anti-metabolites and would induce pernicious anemia.

    • Nature’s Dynamics

      Hi Sean! Thanks for contacting us, I will be happy to help you. All Nature’s Dynamics ingredients are sourced from organic, whole foods. We do not offer B12 in our supplements because, as we are sure you are aware, currently there is not an organic, whole food source for this vitamin. Thank you again for contacting us and have a great day! Mimi – Customer Service

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