Vegan Garden Gummies

    By Nature's Dynamics

Nature’s Dynamics™, makers of whole food organic gummy supplements and Probiotics, is proud to announce the next generation of gummy supplements with its Garden Gummy line, the world’s first 100% vegetarian, USDA certified, organic gummy multivitamin for adults and children.feature image no lines

Vegan Garden Gummy for Adults and Vegan Garden Gummies for Kids are certified organic by the USDA, European Union, and Quality Assurance International, making them the first gummy multivitamins of their kind. By sourcing their gelling agent, pectin, from organic apples, Nature’s Dynamics™ is able to present a completely vegan gummy multivitamin, a revolutionary step in the nutrition and supplements industry.

The popularity of Veganism has sharply risen in recent years, and so the need for quality, trusted, and effective vegan supplements has also risen. Up until now, the vegan market has been limited to a narrow selection of products that don’t always meet the needs of their consumers, or meet the standards that a vegan lifestyle promotes. Vegans should treat their own bodies with the same respect they show our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom!

Prior to the highly anticipated release of Nature’s Dynamics™ Garden Gummy line, vegans were limited to multivitamins that used synthetic, lab created, isolated vitamins and minerals that are often not absorbed completely or cause toxicity in the liver and other parts of the body. Vegetarian gummy multivitamins were in fact available, but the individual vitamins and minerals were from synthetic sources, isolated without important cofactors and conutrients, which made them difficult to absorb. In fact, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a notable nutritional consultant and neurosurgeon, has stated that less than 10% of nutrients from synthetic multivitamins get absorbed by the body.

Nutrient absorption is of particular concern for vegans, considering that with the avoidance of animal products many find themselves consuming an unbalanced amount of vitamins and minerals. It is quite common for vegans to consume higher amounts of fiber, folic acid, and iron, but it is even more common for them to be deficient in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D, and others. This makes it that much more important for vegans to find a multivitamin that is easily absorbed and digested.

Nature’s Dynamics™ water extracts their vitamins and minerals from organic whole food sources certified by the USDA, European Union, and Quality Assurance International. By doing so, all of the important cofactors and conutrients that aid in the absorption and the utilization of the vitamins and minerals are present. In addition, this means that not only are Nature’s Dynamics™ products delicious and easily digestible, they can be taken on an empty stomach!

Now the entire Vegan community can experience the benefits of an organic garden in a delicious, easy-to-digest, and now 100% vegetarian gummy!

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