Daytime TV Special – Kids

    By Nature's Dynamics


A special just for Daytime viewers!  The Kids Bundle!

Berry Garden Gummies – 60 Gummies!  We utilize the Science of Nature in all of our gummy supplements and Probiotics. Nature’s Dynamics provides your body with a comprehensive blend of certified organic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, spices, fruits, vegetables and flax seed.

Parents, kids love our gummies. Nature’s Dynamics presents Berry Garden Organic Multi Gummy, the world’s first and only 100% natural, great-tasting, easy-to-digest organic multi gummy grown in certified organic ingredients. Berry Garden Multi Gummy contains organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic flax seed, organic ginger, omega-3 and natural vitamins/minerals. Our Multi provides your children with antioxidants, immune support, brain support and overall wellness. Synthetic gummy vitamins and pills can cause upsets stomachs and are hard to digest. Because they are Made By A Dad, Berry Garden Gummies will never contain dyes or trans fats. We promise your kids will ask for Berry Garden Gummies every day. 

Suggested Use: 
Ages 2-3: 1 Gummy Daily
Ages 4-8: 2 Gummies Daily
Ages 9+:  3 Gummies Daily

Kids Omega-3 Safely and effectively provides maximum heart, brain, inflammation and joint support with Organic Flaxseed, Omega 3-6-9, Fish Oil, DHA and natural nutrients inside of a great tasting easy to digest gummy. Body Boost Omega 3 gummy also provides DHA and EPA for healthy brain support.

Many Synthetic pills and powders are hard to absorb and cause upset stomachs. Body Boost Omega–3 Gummy is perfect for children’s health.


Kids Chewable Probiotics- Natures Dynamics Berry Garden Kids Chewable Digestion and Immune Probiotics contains Dr. Shahani’s Proven Probiotics®, with a blend of 6 live Probiotics to help support a healthy digestive tract and immune system.* Our product also contains Organic Blueberries, Whole Foods for digestion and stabilizing the Probiotics; other Probiotics do not.

What is a Probiotic? The term Probiotic means “for life”. Probiotics are healthy bacteria essential for many vital body functions including a healthy colon, immune system and healthy digestive tract.*

Research suggests Organic Whole Foods and Probiotics may boost your immune system, improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption and detoxification.*